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Detzo Soldering Machine


26 of Sep, 2011

  1. DSW-SDS
  2. DSW-SD

With the head start from Winding Machines, VE Automation evolved into other making of automated machines at the down line of the process. One of our most distinctive machine is the soldering machine. While conventional method using straight line process, VE Automation utilized turn table design in the production line to reduce work space and material. Result from this design is not only elegant, but also increases production due to multiple tasks it can handle in a single turn. Our current customers are very satisfied with the design and able to cope with the output from Winding Machine up line. Apart from Winding Machines and Soldering Machines which are VE Automation core design, we also capable in designing other automated machines, reconfiguring automation process, upgrading and modifying machine parts for different product models purposes. VE Automation welcomed any sort of enquiries on automation machines, upgrades or modifications in your production lines.